Order a 3D Print

Whether you need a simple part to finish a project or complex assembly to prove your concept will work, we can help with not only printing your project with remarkable accuracy but by evaluating your design based on years of experience and recommending and adjusting to optimise for 3D printing.

3D printed parts are accepted as being accurate, this is an example of a part being spot on to 1/100mm

3D printed parts are accepted as being accurate, this is an example of a part being spot on to 1/100mm

There are a few ways we can receive or create the part you require.

  • Online repository
  • File from 3rd party or already on hand
  • Self designed in CAD
  • CAD designed by us
  • 3D Scanned

Online Repository:

There are a number of online sources for files to 3D print and we regulatory add files we designed and felt would be useful for people to have access to these files are give away for nothing as they contribute to a community where sharing has grown this industry greatly.

File from 3rd party or other source:

Files created by your crack team of CAD designers or on you laptop in your spare time means you have a file that suits your requirements exactly. There is however a few reasons there may be problems with this file and mostly its either a file that wont print well or may have open faces. We will check the design and evaluate and revert if there are changes required.

CAD design:

We do CAD design for clients and often that is one of the fastest ways to get your design drawn. We create it while paying attention to what works how well it will print and what we need to do to make sure your design is going to work.

Parts have arrived in anything from tiny plastic bag for duplication ( a model car Gearbox) to a part that had been machined on a lathe and was attached to a 40Kg slider rig. More often however parts arrive as an idea and we are left to draw it as best we can determine.

3D scanned:

Objects can be impractical to draw from scratch or particularly difficult to design.
For example people are impossible to draw in cad software and you will need a particular skill set to draw a 3D model of someone. This is where 3D Scanning comes into play. For more advanced scanning we have partners that specialize in scanning to assist you.

The Printing Process:

Once your model is ready for printing we will proceed to the exiting part.

The Size and structure of your model with determine which printer we will use to print it and how the layout your print. This is where our years of experience really shows and why you should be talking to us to get your prints done professionally and accurately.

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