3D Printers

We have been massively committed to the 3D printing industry since 2013. At a time when most people has not heard the term before we realised the future potential of the industry and committed resources to not only the technology itself but to related technologies also.

The term 3D printer is a little unfortunate these machines are in fact prototyping machines. Machines capable of taking a electronic design and creating a physical objects.
These machines are in fact so capable that we used our first rudimentary machine to manufacture parts for itself and thus upgrade itself to one of the nicest printers we have.


Printers are either built to specifications or can be bought as manufactured printers.

We are agents for a Few well known and reliable brands.

We are able to supply

Each printer has their own advantages and reasons to purchase and we are able to consult with you to find the best machine for your requirements.

Obviously if you’ve done your own homework you can order on online right now.